HBO Obama docu event

Last night I attended an advance screening of HBO’s new docu, By the People:  The Election of Barack Obama.  An incredible story and inspirational film followed by a brief interview with Ronnie Cho, former Obama campaign staffer and now a director in the Obama administration.

What made the evening fantastic was seeing on film and then meeting Ronnie Cho in person.  Here you watch this young, eager, almost awkward 23 year-old Obama campaign staffer grow and mature during the course of the film’s 21 month period.  At the close of the film, out walks this polished and confident young man who takes a seat on stage and proceeds to answer questions from an interviewer and the audience.  He is highly articulate, funny, and professional.  He embodies all that can be great in today’s milliennials or any generation for that matter.  He’s not famous.  He comes from an immigrant family and the first to go to college.  He clearly works hard at what he does.  He is passionate, cares about making changes and making a difference, and takes action.  It’s that last step – taking action – that sets leaders apart from the rest of the pack.  Ronnie is one to watch.

The documentary itself was warm yet somewhat predictable.  There had to have been a ton of footage over the 21 month span and I could only imagine there must have been some pretty high highs and some pretty low lows.  What ended on screen was pretty much middle of the road.  Broad but safely in the middle.

Next post:  Learnings from the Obama campaign

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