Transparency and Social Media – What you should know

My friend Kaira was noting on her blog that with search engines now providing real-time results that include twitter and facebook feeds, there is even greater transparency than before so it may be wise to think carefully about what you post.  Deleting an account is simply not enough.  Here’s Kaira’s post.

Here’s what I wrote:

You are absolutely correct, Kaira!  Hopefully, most of us who have worked for years and are a bit skeptical of internet privacy are more cautious about what we write.  On the other hand, teens today who have grown up on the net are too immature to understand the ramifications of their rants online, i.e. their permanent nature, and their potentially damaging effects down the line when applying for colleges or future jobs.

The analogy I use when talking about online transparency is the old corporate email adage:  don’t write anything in a company email that you wouldn’t feel good about reading in a court of law in front of plaintiffs, defendants, a jury, and a judge.

The inclusion of social networking feeds in real-time search results pulls back another curtain of privacy that really never existed.

What advice would you give a 15 year-old about their facebook page?

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