The 3 R’s of direct marketing

Direct marketing blends the art of the message and brand in a communication written expressly for you, delivered to (or viewed by) one person at a time.  So why is data so important to direct marketers?

Direct marketing relies on the 3 R’s:

  • communicating the Right message
  • to the Right person
  • at the Right time

to drive the most profitable, long-term response, or Lifetime Value (LTV).

This is an iterative process and direct marketers test, test, and retest so that we know that are delivering the right message to the right person at the right time.  We have the data to back that up.

Once you understand who your best customers are (what channels they shop, what they buy, when they buy them, what messages they respond to, where they live, etc, etc), then you can go after more of them by marketing to highly similar people where are throughout the day. 

Proper segmentation of your customers enables better targeting and higher ROIs.  Conversely, it also allows you to avoid or suppress your lowest performing customers.  With better targeting, each message that is written expressly for them and delivered at the right time has a much higher likelihood of being received and an action taken.  And with data, you can track all of this, every step of the way.

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