What do you watch on TV and why?

Dave Morgan MediaPost Online Spin post that Most TV Viewers Don’t know what to Watch truly hits home, especially his comment about changing viewer loyalties.  My thoughts:

I no longer have destination shows like I used to; I no longer have the luxury to have appointment viewing.  I’m tuning in when I’m stressed and need to veg out – and that can be at any time and on any day.

With today’s exponential explosion of media opportunities (from smartphones to console games to a plethora of online places to be) and life’s options (work, home, whatever) all vying for our dwindling attention, it’s no wonder we neither have the time nor awareness in our consciousness to actively remember new shows on which channel number (I can no longer remember what channel a particular network is anymore), nor do we have the water cooler time at work to discover and share what we’re and others are watching the evening before. 

What does this mean for networks?  Networks need to be exponentially more creative to grab our attention and drive into our brains what to watch, when and where.  That means they need to understand me as a viewer, what and WHY I watch what I watch, and present relevant content to me at the right time.  Are networks up to the task?  So far, and the data bears this out, the answer is no, they’re not.  I find that they are falling way short on understanding me as a viewer and spending way too much time creating market noise.

Online viewing through Hulu, etc. is a secondary challenge for networks, and especially for niche content producers.  See Channel Surfing and Discovery in an On-Demand World.  http://wp.me/

What do you watch and why?

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