Facebook’s changes and how to disable them.

The new social web

The goal of my blog is to explain the going’s on in various industries in ways that my non-techie friends and family can understand.

Mathew Ingram over at GigaOm.com did such a great job of explaining the new FaceBook personalized web-effect aka “an open web experience” and what that means to you that I’m just going to link it directly here:

Your Mom’s Guide to those Facebook Changes and How to Block Them.

This is really important.  Facebook has just transformed the way the web interacts with Facebook and most importantly they changed what information is released to partner websites by default.  With the power of 500 million monthly visitors, pretty much every website will become a partner.  Facebook made that really easy for websites by providing them with a few lines of code to create the Facebook “Like” button.  Presto!  That website is now a Facebook partner. 
Pressing the “Like” button opts you into a site and allows the site to freely access your public information AND the public information of your friends.  In the trial phase is the ability of websites to freely access your public information AND the public information of your friends without opting-in, logging in or pressing the “Like” button, meaning, just by loading the webpage, whether through surfing or an accidental launch of an ad link, the website captures and stores your Facebook information.
Just after the announcements made at f8 – the FaceBook conference held in San Fransico this week for FB developers, I went ahead and combed through my FB privacy settings to make sure they aligned with what I wanted to share. 
FB instant personalization: uncheck to disable feature

But I did not see the Instant Personalization setting  that Mathew linked directly to in his post.  This is a critical setting so just to make sure, it’s also linked to here.

Thank you Mathew!

How about you?  Is privacy important to you?

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