The TV-video discovery conundrum

Over the past year or so as my two kids became teenagers, two trends have been taking place in our household.  First, we have even less time to watch TV than ever before.  And secondly, I don’t have time to chat with folks about what they’re watching these days.  Offices have closed and the water cooler has been replaced with social networks.  It’s just not the same.

I started watching Wilfred because I read a great review of it in a trade journal so I trusted the source.  I’ve written before that recommendation sites based on popularity votes lose me instantly.  StumbleUpon Video does a great job of identifying my tastes to the point where I was watching every video they threw my way.  But still, I wanted to find programs that my family and I can all watch together at the regular, first-run appointed time (and Wilfred didn’t make that cut).

So far, cross promotions by networks that I tend to watch more frequently has been the only way I’ve been noticing new shows.  Although I did just walk by a bus shelter ad for Starz’ new program called The Boss with Kelsey Grammer.  I’ll probably check it out just to see what Chris Albrecht has been up to, especially after the Camelot disappointment.

Reaching out to my friends to find out how they find out about new shows turned up to be pretty much the same way:  word of mouth from people whose opinions they trust, and entertainment review magazines, meaning professional opinions.  No one had heard of the other recommendation engines like Clickr or Stumbleupon Video.

Btw, I can’t stand not being able to fast forward through commericals on long run-time programs like the X-Factor on On Demand (I’m Comcast but I would assume the network would make that demand of any cable provider).  I only want to see the highlights and forcing me to sit through long run-time pods of commercials is annoying.  So I go online to see the people I want to see and the On Demand opportunity is lost for good for all future episodes.

How do you find new stuff to watch on TV?  And are you still watching TV shows on TV or online?

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